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Professional Training Camps

Many cyclists dream of forgetting everything in their busy life, being treated like a pro, and live the "cyclist's life" for a few days. Throughout my career, I've organized and delivered training camps for high level riders in many corners of this beautiful planet.   

Our camps have specific goals and target groups. They go from development camps to high level high volume ones, without forgetting the easy flow ones. One thing will be in every camp though, a professional service, world class coaching, and riders will always be treated like professionals. 

Of course, with the world pandemic over the last years, our camp schedule has been halted. We are looking forward to offering this service once again. Don't hesitate to contact us if you have question, suggestion, or if you would like to be updated on future dates and camps.  


Bentonville, AK

February 18 to April 26, 2022

Nickanamed the new Disneyland of mountain biking, Northwest Arkansas did not disappoint. With more than 300 miles (!) of unbelievable trails, we you smiled from the first to the last pedal stroke. 

2015-12-16 15.37.46-1.jpg

2019 Malibu, California

March 2 - 10, 2019

Malibu (California) has to be one one of my favorite place where I held training camps during my career. Luxury, incredible sights, mountains, friendly traffic, you have it all in one place! And most importantly, weather is pretty much guaranteed. 


2020 PDI Camp, Mexico

February / March 2020

We are developing a private partnership with a cycling team in Guadalajara, Mexico. This winter, Project Dailed In will be heading down there for a private training camp. Camp will be held at altitude, on world class trails, and will include some high level racing. 


2019 Brevard, NC

April 13 - 22, 2019

Many mountain bike camps are based on skills... at Directeur Sportif, skills are not forgotten, but for this camp in particular,  volume is key before the racing season. And yes, it can also be done on a mountain bike!

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