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Malibu (California) Road Camp

When: March 2nd to 10th, 2019

Where: Malibu, California


We rode in one of the best places I’ve been on this planet. From the famous Pacific Coast Highway (PCH) to Mulholland Drive, Malibu offers you incredible roads, huge climbs, and the scenery puts you away every corner. The whole camp took place in the beautiful Malibu hills, where the rich and famous live and enjoy the outdoors. Here's a glimpse at our 2019 experience: 


We enjoyed a professional service and world class coaching during this camp.  We were lodged in a nice house with all necessary amenities. Meals were prepared and served at the lodging place.  


A typical training day in California: 

  • 8 am breakfast 

  • 10 am ride departure 

    • All rides are vehicle supported

  • 2 pm ride conclusion and post ride meal

  • afternoon for recovery, file analysis and review with coach, visit, coffee

  • 6 pm: group dinner, ride discussion, etc.


Camp Goal

The goal of this camp is to accumulate base kilometres while using the beautiful Malibu mountains as our work tool

Typical distance and elevation

A typical day at Malibu camp ranges from 80 to 140km and includes 800 to 2500m. Everything is controlled and analysed by our professional coach. 


Luc Arseneau, National team coach for 20 years will lead the camp and offer his personal expertise to all participants. 

Basic plan / schedule: 

  • March 2nd - Airport pick up in the morning, short afternoon ride

  • March 3rd - 2-3 hour ride

  • March 4th - 3-4 hour ride

  • March 5th - 4 hour ride

  • March 6th - Recovery day (60-90 minutes coffee ride) and Santa Monica visit

  • March 7th - 3-4 hour ride

  • March 8th - 3-4 hour ride

  • March 9th - 4-5 hour ride

  • March 10th - Airport drop off


During the week, we also included some group / coaching discussions on various subjects. 

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