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Together, we will make a difference

To meet our long-term goals we need to grow. To supplement our core program funding and take the program from good to great, we need to close a $20K gap in required operational funds to facilitate this. Thus, the creation of our BELIEVERS

Every donation, combined with the efforts of our sponsors, big or small, will make a huge IMPACT towards the dream of these young riders. Donations don't need to be big, thus the reason we are looking for a COMMUNITY OF BELIEVERS

You got it! — It’s that easy. You go on-line & donate $25 (or more) - all within 2 minutes... Bam! Impact made!


If we multiply these small donations, mission accomplished! And if you dare to repeat, you will maximize YOUR IMPACT!


Project Dialed In is a group of 4  young New Brunswick rising stars. ONE VISION. The 2021 Canada Games and BEYOND. Our goal is to develop a Mountain Bike program that will be medal competitive by the 2021 Canada Games.  


Underpinning this vision is a committed Junior and U23 program of emerging talent. This new trade team allows the identified riders to grow and mature within a well-supported environment with world-class support and partners. 


These young athletes commit to a year-round training and racing program. This provides the physiological preparation they’ll need to deliver on the trails. In addition, it also offers these young cyclists the best possible opportunity to develop a long-term professional career through a network of connections with UCI level teams. 


We know you CARE. As a former cyclist, a club rider, an enthusiast, you understand the struggle of these young riders, and yes, YOU, can make a difference! You give a damn! Become a Superhero!


"Project Dialed In matters. Huge! We support it, you should too."

Scott Langin, President - MacDonald Buick GMC Cadillac LTD

Sure, you may be joining a group of BELIEVERS, and especially CARE about Project Dialed In. And yes, by donating, you do help young cyclists. All of those donations compound on each other are directly injected into making the riders, and the team, stronger. We call it surgical giving and the outcome will be fantastic.


You are not just joining Project Dialed In COMMUNITY OF BELIEVERS, you are committing to donate to young dedicated mountain bikers towards a major goal.  We thank you in advance


 Get a special edition team buff & receive a virtual card from one of our training camp or competition trip!


Get a special edition team buff and socks. You'll also get a big virtual online hug (social media shout out) & a virtual postcard from one of our road trips! 

100$ (or more)

Get a special edition team socks, buff and shirt. You'll also get a big virtual online hug (social media shout out) & a virtual postcard from one of our road trips! 

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