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What is Project

When everything on your mountain bike is running smoothly, you are said to be "Dialed In”. Talent is present on the east coast; more than ever! During Velo NB's last mountain bike events, more than 150 youth category riders were present! We just need to DIAL them IN!


Not only are the numbers good, but the feeding system has never been so well supported. In 2015, cycling made a big come back to the Jeux de l’Acadie family; this time in mountain biking. This, combined to the development of the New Brunswick Youth Team and Sprockids programs, encouraged the development of many regional programs and created a quick rise of the sport. 


Most of these programs are helping riders all the way to the U17 categories. This is where DIALED IN falls right into place. 


From these 150 plus young motivated riders, our selection will be completed to bring them to the next step through the U17 and U23 categories. 


These development years are key to serious riders. This is why Project Dialed In will focus on professional coaching and services, coming from many years of experience. 

Our Partners

Project Dialed In was born upon the quick development of Mountain biking in Atlantic Canada. The strategy is simple, without proper development via a centralized program, you will never be a competitive World Class Mountain Biker. 

That being said, we greatly thank our initial partners listed bellow. Without their unconditional support from day one, this project may not exist. We can't say thank you enough to our current partners.


At the moment though, we still have a significant gap to cover. Project Dialed In is currently mainly funded by Team Mom & Dad. Extra funding, equipment, & infrastructures has to be put in place to keep this great program up and running.


If you'd like to see your business showcased by future stars of our sport, request a sponsor package at any time. You can make a difference. 


If you are an individual and would like to contribute, you can also make a huge impact. We invite you to visit (and join) Project Dialed In's Community Funding. Together, you will make things happen.  

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