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Everyone can ride a bike, but does everyone know how to properly do it? I've been educating coaches for 25 years, coaching at all levels from the young riders to (10) World Championships, organizing specific training camps in some of the most beautiful places on the planet... the question is, how can I help you? 

Over the years, I've also been involved in the organisation of as many as 300 events, including 6 National Championships and 3 Canada Cups (many of them being recognized as Cycling Canada's event of the year). I've also been recognized twice by Cycling Canada as "builder of the year".

Whether you are looking to personally improve your technical skills, get a bike fit, host a group session for your local coaches, get in touch, we can help you out. 

Training Camps

Coaching Development

Individual or group session

Team management


Many cyclists dream of forgetting everything in their busy life, being treated like a pro, and live the "cyclist's life" for a few days. Throughout my career, I've organized and delivered training camps for high level riders in many corners of this beautiful planet.  Over the past years, we've been to California, North Carolina, NW Arkansas and Mexico.

One thing will be in every camp though, a professional service, world class coaching, and riders will always be treated like professionals. 

We are looking forward to offering this service once again. Don't hesitate to contact us if you have question, suggestion, or if you would like to be updated on future dates and camps. 


We are very happy to be offering riding clinics, crafted upon your needs, to specific groups and individuals. For these on-demand clinics, the first thing we will do is adapt to the level of the group.  


We are very happy to be pairing with Rémi Mantion and Anthony Arseneau for this service. We've been working a lot together offering coaching and riders clinics lately, and the end product is just been awesome! We complete each other perfectly. 

So in short, these courses include how to ride and/or how to teach. We can cover both spectrums. 

From my 25 years of international coaching, and Remi’s 15 year pro career, we will be answering the questions and challenges of the groups or individuals  We don’t want to be standing in front of a class reading a manual... so LET'S BRING IT!


Coaching is one thing: creating an environment so athletes can grow and be successful is part of our success. This program is not about a cookie cutter approach, it's about you and your goals.  

Everything is built by a professional coach and customized to your needs. Programs are shared with you via the Training Peaks, a platform that also allows a good analysis of your workouts on a regular basis. 

Communication and adaptability are always possible. 


What else can we offer? Bike fit? Team management? Coach the coaches? We've done it and we can do it again. 

Contact us and we will cater to your cycling needs. 



If you’d like more information about these option, get in touch today.

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