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Coach (Training) Program

Like choosing a good cup of coffee, there are many options, but ultimately, you want the barista to be a professional.


Our programs are Athlete's Focussed, Coach driven for motivated cyclists looking for a world level coaching with flexibility. These training programs target new and more experienced riders.

Whether you're interested in enjoying group rides, want to challenge yourself to a new level of fitness, or want to win a medal at level you never thought attainable, this is the type of coaching program you need

I always coach according to what YOU are ready to put into it. 


Our first step is always to make sure the program is properly suited for you. Upon your application, we will be in communication with you to make a complete review of the possibilities, accessibilities, and training availability.

We very much value this part of the process to assure a proper fit to the program. 



Coaching is one thing: creating an environment so athletes can grow and be successful is part of our success. This program is not about a cookie cutter approach, it's about you and your goals.  

Everything is built by a professional coach and customized to your needs. Programs are shared with you via the Training Peaks, a platform that also allows a good analysis of your workouts on a regular basis. 

Communication and adaptability are always possible. 


​From the athlete's goals, a logical YTP (Yearly Training Plan) will be developed, guiding the cyclist and coach to where he / she will be heading  during most of the season. 

The training prescription is usually delivered in cycles of 3 or 4 weeks. This prescription can be adapted according to calendar, progression, and / or health issues at all times. 

During these cycles, we will be analyzing the progression charts and making necessary modifications to the schedule. 


Athlete's feedback will also be gathered prior to moving forward into the plan. 


World Class coaching by experienced coach Luc Arseneau


Custom, personalized, and adaptable training program


Cycle (one to four week) plan prescription

Post training analysis


Communication with the coach via phone, text, email


Starting at $135 per month


If you’d like more information about this program, get in touch today.

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