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Riding (and coaching) clinics

Everyone can ride a bike, but does everyone know how to properly do it? I've been delivering NCCP (National Coaching Education Program) for 20 years, coaching at all levels from the young Sprockids to World Championships, and one thing I can confirm, it always comes back to basics; ALWAYS. Mostly everyone can do a bunny hop, but can you stop and break it down properly?


We are very happy to be offering riding clinics, crafted upon your needs, to specific groups and individuals. For these on-demand clinics, the first thing we will do is adapt to the level of the group.  


We are very happy to be pairing with Rémi Mantion for this service. We've been working a lot together offering coaching and riders clinics lately, and the end product is just been awesome! We complete each other perfectly. Rémi is a former pro BMX racer from France, so he can’t only perform the jumps and berms to perfection, he can describe them with a precision I’ve rarely seen before.

So in short, these courses include how to ride and/or how to teach. We can cover both spectrums. 

From my 25 years of international coaching, and Remi’s 15 year pro career, we will be answering the questions and challenges of the groups or individuals  We don’t want to be standing in front of a class reading a manual... so LET'S BRING IT!


April 27th, 2021

Private skills session

You want to improve on specific skills, we are innovating with some private (or small group) session. These sessions will be offered within the greater Moncton area. One 90 minute session for 60$ or 5 for 240$ (to be used individually or to share with friends). 


Rémi Mantion


April 27th, 2021

Group session (6 or more)

These clinics are built and customized for your group! We will go to your riding trails and teach your skills from basic to advanced. Daily cost are 500$ (plus travel cost where necessary). Perfect package for clubs or established riding groups.


Rémi Mantion

Luc Arseneau


April 27th, 2021

Other clinic types 

Coaching development, bike fit, road camps, etc., we can model a day or weekend clinic to your needs. Contact us for more information. 


Luc Arseneau

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